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I came into your store today for brekkie with my was a treat for him as he was home from school due to a dentist appointment later in the day, once we finished I went up to the counter to pay and was told by the lady behind the counter "your bill has been fixed up by a regular customer that likes to pick a table and pay the bill as a surprise!!!" .....I didn't get to thank this amazing person myself but I would like you to thank them again for me as my son is still talking about it, he keeps saying "how cool it was of that person to do that for us!!!" he's told everyone we've seen all day!!!......he learnt more in that 2mins at your counter than he would have in a whole 6hours at school....the most amazing life lesson one could hope for their child to's has brought a smile to everybody's face today that I have gesture has had such a cascade ripple effect....there should be more amazing generous people like this in the world!!! THANKYOU AMAZING HUMAN....there is large amounts of positive karma coming your way!!! :) x
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